About us


Granolia LLC is a trading company based in Novi Sad, which main activity is purchasing products such as green coffee, flour, grains and oil seeds.

Granolia LLC has been developed as import-export business model, our profile and standard specialty coffees are cupped rigorously to match target qualities and attributes, allowing our clients the assurance that they will receive a consistent product throughout each crop cycle, and over the years.

In an evolving industry, we also are looking ahead to emerging origins, alternative processes, and the ongoing security for our green coffee, flour, oil seeds and grains suppliers.


Our company has been founded with purpose to service needs of our clients, to help them get the best prices for their products, and provide to them high-quality based production. By harmonizing best price and high-quality product we meet the needs of our very important clients – end users of various commodities. 

Our activity is mainly focused on supplying green coffee, flour, oil seeds and grains to our well-known buyers.


Granolia LLC is going to keep growing and expanding circle of it’s clients, who are essential to our business. Longterm interest of Granolia LLC is daily expansion of our portfolio and to start successful trading with all other commodities and raw materials, the same way we have managed to do with wheat, coffee beans, oil seeds and grains, but not limiting ourselves only on those goals.

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